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Who We Are

The Jordan Communication, Advocacy and Policy Project (JCAP) –known as Tawasol in Arabic- is a five-year Project  (2014-2019) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). JCAP supports the Jordan National Family Planning Strategy (2013-2017). The Project’s strategic objective is to increase the use and continuation of family planning and reproductive health services as a safe, effective, and acceptable way to ensure a healthy family, build a sustainable community, and maintain a secure Jordan.

JCAP implements evidence-based and innovative social and behavioral change interventions at the national, regional, and community levels. These efforts help combat misconceptions that reduce family planning use and help increase positive perceptions of family planning and use of modern contraceptives.

 JCAP tackles social norms related to high fertility and large family size through a multisectoral approach that is not limited to health. It prods the target audiences to understand the connections between family size and education, employment, economic wellbeing, energy, and the ability to pay more attention to each child. The Activity also identifies, analyzes, and addresses policy barriers that hamper family planning delivery and improved access to quality services.

JCAP works with the Ministry of Health and the Higher Population Council, and other partners from local communities. The Project targets women, men, youth, and Syrians. It promotes modern family planning through several programs such as community outreach program and the advocacy efforts of grants program to civil society organizations (CSOs) and Champions to empower communities to change behavior and improve policy.

Our Objectives:

With the support of our counterparts and local partners, JCAP will:

1. Increase Demand for FP/RH Services

2. Improve Capacity and Create an Enabling Environment