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Jordanian Governors Tackle Population and Development Goals
26 May 2015

Eleven Jordanian governors convened today in Amman to discuss the role of governorates in achieving Jordan’s population and development goals. The meeting was facilitated by the USAID-funded Jordan Communication, Advocacy and Policy Activity (JCAP), in partnership with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Local Development Directorate.

The governors discussed how the non-declining fertility rate contributes to high population growth posing a burden on the country’s socio-economic goals.

H.E. Samir Mubaydeen, the Secretary General of the MOI and USAID Deputy Mission Director Chris Crowley were there to offer insights and remarks.

One tactic to achieve these goals was the formation of Governorate Health and Population Policy Committees. These comprise primarily of members of the MOI administration and other local ministry offices, and are designed to advocate for family planning and support governorate-level policy interventions.

“Family planning should be considered a means for improving women’s and children’s health, benefiting economic development and decreasing the burden on already-stretched natural resources,” said Deputy Mission Director Crowley.

“I am grateful for the keen interest of the U.S. Government and the American people in supporting Jordan to meet its population and development goals,” said Mubaydeen.

USAID’s JCAP activity works with the Higher Population Council, the Ministry of Health, and other governmental and non-governmental partners to increase demand and delivery of services for family planning and reproductive health.