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Jordan Civil Coalition for Family Health

Established in 2014, The Jordan Civil Coalition for Family Health (JCCFH) is the first Jordanian coalition of private associations that support family planning and reproductive health issues in Jordan. The JCCFH aims at facilitating families’ access to high quality family planning and reproductive health information and services through their clinics and outreach networks.

In 2015, with the support of USAID’s Jordan Communication and Advocacy Project (JCAP), JCCFH expanded its membership and mandate to increase its representation at the grassroots level and strengthen its influence in advocating for policy change.

JCAP assists JCCFH in developing and implementing national-level advocacy plans that support family planning in Jordan and works closely with the coalition to identify strategic advocacy priorities through civil society and develops joint advocacy interventions based on an annual schedule.

JCCFH  current members are:

  • The General Union of Voluntary Societies (GUVS)
  • The Circassian Charity Association (CCA)
  • The Jordanian Association for Family Planning and Protection (JAFPP)
  • The Islamic Charity Centre Society (ICCS)
  • Al Amal Charitable Association
  • The Institute for Family Health
  • Al Farouq Charitable Organization for Orphans