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Community Coalition Spearheads National Efforts to Boost Health Policy in Jordan
5 May 2015

Members of the Jordan Civil Coalition for Family Health (JCCFH) signed a Memorandum of Understanding stating their commitment to jointly support family planning advocacy efforts in Jordan.

Members of the Coalition pledged to work together to improve the policy environment and influence policy makers to make decisions supportive of family planning/reproductive health services and information in Jordan.

This year JCCFH expanded its membership and mandate to increase its representation at the grassroots level and strengthen its influence in advocating for policy change.

Originally, it comprised of the following societies: the Jordanian Association for Family Planning and Protection, the Circassian Charity Association, the General Union of Voluntary Societies, and this year Al Amal Charitable Association, the Institute for Family Health, Al Farouq Charitable Organization for Orphans and the Islamic Charity Center Society were added.

"The country is facing economic and social hardships and the rapid population growth imposes further challenge to achieve the national development goals” remarked Dr. Manal Tahtamoni, a member of the Coalition Steering Committee. “An effective family planning program will yield fruitful results, improve health of mothers and enhance the socio-economic status of Jordanians.”

The USAID-funded Jordan Communication, Advocacy and Policy (JCAP) Project, in collaboration with the Higher Population Council,  will support the Coalition and provide technical assistance in advocacy.


"As civic community leaders, we believe family planning should be a pillar of Jordan’s economic development strategy," said Mahmoud Harahsheh, a member of the Coalition Steering Committee. "We, the civil societies should stand by the government proposing efficient and feasible solutions that contribute to the health and prosperity of the Jordanian family."