Champions Program

JCAP Community Champions are influential individuals who reach broad segments of the population such as television show or news hosts, or leaders of national civil society organizations. Institutional Champions are individuals who can positively influence their own entities’ support for population and family planning issues.

JCAP Champions have an avid interest in and demonstrate a heightened commitment to population, family planning, women’s health, gender equality, female empowerment, and youth issues. They are influential within their organizations and communities, and are willing to advocate for family planning on the frontline.

JCAP Champions are selected to represent at the country, government and community levels:

  • Country Champions: Opinion leaders, religious leaders, women leaders, journalists, and celebrities
  • Government Champions: Representatives of Jordanian ministries, and spokespersons of the Ministry of Health  and the Higher Population Council on the demographic opportunity, social norm change and modern family planning methods.
  • Community Champions: Civil society organization leaders, tribal leaders, local preachers including female preachers, teachers, youth leaders, current and former parliamentarians, and municipality members