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About Us

The Jordan Communication, Advocacy and Policy activity (JCAP),“Tawasol”, is a five-year USAID-funded activity (2014-2019) that works to increase demand for family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) services through the enabling of a more supportive policy environment thereby ensuring a healthy future for the Jordanian households. Working with our two main counterparts, the Higher Population Council and the Ministry of Health, and with other partners from the governmental and non-governmental sectors, we adopt evidence-based and innovative approaches to enhance the policy environment under which FP/RH services are delivered.

Our ultimate beneficiary is the Jordanian family; its members’ health, well-being and socio-economic prosperity. Our key audience groups include Jordanian women, their husbands, young adults, Syrian refugees and stakeholders who have influence on their fertility behaviors, norms and goals. JCAP interventions emphasize the integration of female empowerment and male engagement. We also aim to increase youth involvement and reach out to host communities of Syrian refugees living outside camps.